Astonishing Effect! Add Aspirin to the Washing Machine!

Grayness on white laundry is a very common problem for many people and it seems that you simply are not able to eliminate it no matter how hard you try! When it appears for the first time, it’s possible that it will become grayer as you wash it, making it even impossible to remove it. However, it turns out that there is one very simple way to end this issue once and for all!

All you need to do is to take five aspirin tablets of 325mg and dissolve them into 2 gallons of hot water. If you break them will help you to dissolve them much faster.

When you do that, put the laundry into this mixture and soak in it for about 8 hours or during the night. The clothes need to be fully submerged into the water! Although you can simply put the aspirin tablets into the machine, dissolving them works a lot much better.

After 8 hours, you need to remove the laundry or just run it through one normal cycle in the washing machine. Besides solving the problem with grayness, this simple trick is also going to help you eliminate any stains on the laundry.

If you want to remove blood stains, you need to use another method. Actually, you need to dissolve the aspirin in cold water and then soak the clothes for around 2 hours. Removing the bloodstains with hot water is definitely not an option since it clumps the blood`s protein, and that in turn makes it much more difficult to remove it.

What makes aspirin that much effective is its weak acid that provides wonderful results. As you can see, it’s not necessary to buy expensive cleaning products, as something as cheap and simple as the aspirin could do the trick.

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